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I fell in love with a sand-hill farm, and imagined I would spend my life here with my family filling it with memories and all the beautiful botanical things. Evermore Forest Farm is the place where our feet meet the earth, the air we breathe, and a lifelong tribute to the wonder of the natural world. As we work with nature & care for this land, our hope is that people will come to share in the abundance the farm has to offer.

I feel honored to grow flowers for my community, friends and family. They weave so much beauty and remind us of the diversity and nuance of human life and emotion. 



Flowers play an important role in our human experience. Nearly every sentiment imaginable can be expressed with flowers, and they adorn our most meaningful celebrations. They also play a critical role in the natural world. They are a source of food and medicine for insects, birds and humans. Their role is critical in plant reproduction and the enticing pollinators.

Our flowers are grown without the use of chemicals, pesticides, fungicides, harvested fresh with ideal care and handling. The flowers you will find at Evermore Forest Farm are nostalgic, often more fragrant, flowing, and vivacious than the mass produced grocery store stems shipped from lands far away that we have become accustomed to. There is a whole wide world of cut flowers that can’t be mailed due to their delicacy, but they make for whimsical arrangements. For some flowers it just HAS to be local.

We invite you to enjoy local seasonal flowers with us, grown in a way that is true to their nature and purpose of providing life, diversity, medicine, and beauty.



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