The very first thing to poke its head up at the farm is the Daffodils. These are a must have if you have felt starved from the long long Minnesota winter. Daffodils or “fragrant narcissus” are bursts of sunshine. They can be planted on tree edges, in the landscape or in a cutting garden like shown here. They are deer and rodent resistant which is always an added benefit if you have limited resources to protect them from hungry critters. In permaculture people plant them around fruiting trees to protect the tree roots from being gnawed on by moles and gophers (there is a chemical component in the bulbs that they don’t like)

Often we think of the simple white and yellow varieties, but they also come in some glorious pink and salmon shades as well.

I always like my daffodils with a little bit of a ruffle. Every year we are building our collection. In 2020 we are not selling daffodils as we build up stock and get out plants healthy and established. For now I am just enjoying them in my windowsill where I wash all those family dishes, they sure make a very mundane task a little more enjoyable.